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What's Your Vibe?
  1. Dream On…

Find 2-3 websites that really speak to you!

Do some research online and poke around some websites of people or companies that inspire you! Peers, celebrities, people who do what you do - or even those totally unrelated to your business: any websites that you connect with in some way. This could be design, layout, colors, overall vibe/personality, use of text, graphics, etc. Doing this will really allow me to get a sense of what you’re imagining for your own site...and may help you start thinking about it, too! 


👉 TO DO: Write those 2-3 sites below!

2. "You" in a nutshell...

Choose your main photo

This will be the first thing visitors see when they view your site! This photo could be a photo of yourself (headshot, lifestyle, full body), your products, or your work… whatever you feel best represents your brand. Most importantly, it should show your brand's personality and have that *spark*! Landscape oriented (horizontal) photos are usually best when possible.


👉 TO DO: Upload up to 5 of your FAVORITE high-resolution Main Photo options (ideally at least 500KB).



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3. Discover Your Inner Vibe

You in 3 words

Choose three adjectives to describe yourself/company that represent what YOU bring to the market (ie. "flirty, earthy, inquisitive"). The more unique and authentic your brand can be, the better! If you’re having trouble, ask a few close friends who know you/your work.


👉 TO DO:  Write your 3 adjectives below!

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